Kevin Burns

Kevin Burns

I can’t recommend MI 10 HR highly enough – they have been a true partner to us through an incredibly challenging time.

M1 10 HR has been our sole partner as we’ve hired and onboarded nearly 200 highly skilled data analysts, engineers, IT and big data operations analysts, all in the middle of the pandemic – something we couldn’t have done without them. The entire team at MI 10 HR has taken the time to get to know our business and the unique needs that we have, going beyond the resume to help us find the right talent for us. They’ve also been invaluable as advisors as we’ve grown in India – helping us build and adjust our interview process, optimize our compensation strategy, and providing the feedback and insights needed to have a successful hiring process.

Simply put, our operations in India are more successful because we’ve partnered with MI 10 HR. Plus, you won’t find a better group of people anywhere to work with – a kind, smart, honest, and fun team from top to bottom. Lots of recruiting vendors say they can do these things; MI 10 HR is the only one I’ve found that actually can.

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