Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) outlines the collection, utilization, and disclosure of the information you submit to us during interaction with us on the Website. This Policy does not apply to any information you provide to third parties hosted by the Website

Collected Information

Personal information may be requested when you interact with us on the Website or contact us. During such an interaction, you may be asked to provide information such as your name, email address, postal code, gender, age, how you were introduced to this Website, and so on.
In addition, information, such as your IP address, operating system, or browser information, also may be collected.


Whenever you interact with us on our Website, we may place a “cookie” in the browser files of your computer. Cookies are data files that help your browser communicate with the Website. Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default. You can reject or block cookies by changing your browser settings. However, if your browser rejects or blocks a cookie, it may impact your ability to use our Website and our service.

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