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MI 10 Human Resources

“Transparency along with partnering philosophy is the core of our business”- MI 10 Human Resources

Created with the purpose to provide value and ensure fast turnaround time.
MI 10 Human Resources leave no room for failure as the company has extensive expertise where the partners have over three decades of experience in talent acquisition. The corporation’s knowledge has led them to have the ability to recruit comprehensively in sectors such as IT, ITES, KPO, Manufacturing, and NBFC.

The organization is accounted for building companies from its incubation stages by providing value at each step which has led them to being preferred partners. MI 10 Human Resources focuses on creating a significant impact for their client’s businesses with a rewarding return of building strong equity for itself. These success results have been achieved by executing with consistent quality, being agile, to a dynamic market. Thus, creating a positive outlook not only for the clients but also the candidates by providing the right career opportunities.


With wide-ranging methods, the establishment has made it their endeavour to incorporate conventional methods of recruitment such as referencing, mining, mapping, and social media hiring to help find the right fit for the client as well as the candidate. With the vast amount of experience, it has been established that the MI 10 Human Resources disbelieves in compromising quality. While adapting well to the dynamic market, the establishment has successfully helped build companies from their growth stages. With the impact of being preferred partners with clients, their experiences in recruitment have led them to extensively recruit for numerous sectors.


To grow by adding value to a clients business at every step and become an HR firm of repute.


For clients: Faster turnaround time without compromising on quality
For self: Be agile to adapt to dynamic market conditions
For candidates: Provide career opportunities, not jobs

Jazmin Irani

Founder of MI 10 Human Resources

“Hiring the wrong people is the fastest way to undermine a sustainable business.”
Having close to 2 decades of experience in talent acquisition has taught me to attract
and hire the right talent.

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Sylvia Mehta

Partner at MI 10 Human Resources

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant”.
That’s where MI 10 HR comes in, we don’t work as vendors; we partner organizations, this helps us to understand the business better and the vision of the company thereby giving them the right fit.

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Why MI 10 Human Resources


Transparency is the key, being true to our clients and candidates has worked for us and helped us build stronger relationships, this, in turn, has helped us add more value along the entire hiring process.

Process Driven

It's all about the process, the stringent internal process drives us to get the right candidate every time in the dedicated time frame without compromising on quality.


In today's emerging competitive environment, reliability plays a key role for us as our clients and candidates depend on us to give them the right fit at the right time.

Partnering Philosophy

One can only add value if there is a partnering philosophy- it gives us the edge in understanding the pain points of our clients and also helps in receiving and giving feedback that is beneficial to both.

Quality Conscious

Everyone is quality-driven today. In order to get the rainmaker for our clients, quality plays a very critical role. We ensure that every candidate is thoroughly assessed as per the requirements and every profile is sent along with an assessment done by our consultants. Thus, helping to filter the right talent from the pool of resources available.

Provide Business Solutions

This along with our partnering philosophy helps us to provide business solutions to guide the client and provide the right solution in terms of candidates, salary structures, policy framing, training, and so on.

Hunt And Not Farm Talent

We as a talent search firm evaluate passive candidates for opportunities and also continue to consistently map the right talent in the market.

Creating An Opportunity

We aim to create a win-win situation for both the client and the candidate by introducing candidates proactively to clients keeping in mind the future expansion/growth plans.


We make sure to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct with our candidates and clients.

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