We support our clients to develop leadership qualities in their teams powered by our proprietary workshops and also through a variety of customized training, mentoring, and executive coaching. These trainings are aimed at heaving different aspects and to bring about behavioral change.

Basic Skills Programs Advanced Skills Programs Customized Programs
  • Training related to skills that are very basic in nature and support smooth functioning.
  • Training related to skills that involve behavioural change and support smooth management.
  • Training related to customized skills required to solve specific problem areas.
  • Topics such as: Email etiquette / Email Management / Time management / Excel / Presentation skills / communication skills
  • Topics such as: Team Management / Collaboration / Team building / Creative thinking / Problem solving / Lateral thinking / Strategic thinking / Decision making / Customer Services
  • Topics such as: First Time Manager Programs / Matchstick Leadership / Delegation skills / Improving Productivity / Conflict Management / People Management Skills / SMART HR / Manager effectiveness / Advanced communication skills
  • Byte size modules recommended, a single agenda micro module with a class activity to drive the learning; typically 2 hours
  • Half-day session recommended, an interactive half-day session about focused topics; typically 4 hours
  • Full-day session recommended, day-long learning interspersed with multiple activities for specific takeaways; typically 8 hours

We specialize in the subject of Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) at the workplace.

We do this by way of drafting the policy, conducting PoSH policy audit, supporting in the rollout of the policy, developing PoSH related content, conducting training for various stakeholders such as the management, internal committee, and employees, consulting on an ongoing case related to PoSH or on compliances related to PoSH.

While the law is for women at workplaces, based on the requirement, we help our clients in developing a gender-neutral policy and approach too.

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